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August 14, 2019
A young male identified student is boarding a school bus

Los niños deben asistir a la escuela, y a cualquier otro lugar, sabiendo que siempre merecen respeto. Los papás necesitamos hablar con nuestros hijos sobre las cosas que pueden hacer para cuidarse a sí mismos.

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SAFE interview: LGBTQIA+ people with disabilities

August 8, 2019
An illustration of four people dancing around an equal sign. One person is in a wheelchair.

We’re reflecting on the work that still needs to be done to create inclusive, accepting communities and services for LGBTQIA+ people who have disabilities.

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Violence begets violence

August 7, 2019
An illustration of hands being held overlapping a heart. The shapes of California, Texas, and Ohio are in the foreground.

To stop the violence, we must understand the root causes of why these young men, and other mass shooters, evolve into killers.

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Working together: Asian Family Support Services of Austin and SAFE

July 17, 2019

We partner with Asian Family Support Services of Austin on so many fronts, but our most important collaboration is our work to support clients.

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Immigrant survivors face added barriers to escaping violence

July 17, 2019
A black and white image of two people embracing. In front of them is the text "Immigrant survivors face added barriers to escaping violence"

Immigrant survivors often fear reporting the violence they’re experiencing. As talk of deportation and family separation ramps up, situations like Isabel’s become more and more common.

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Equal housing access saves trans lives

July 12, 2019
An image of a person of color looking forward. The trans flag colors cover the image along with the words "Any policy change that may increase the likelihood that a trans person will be turned away from shelter is unacceptable."

Any policy change that may increase the likelihood that a trans person will be turned away from shelter is unacceptable.

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Supporting survivors of sexual assault: Here’s 10 things that helped me

June 13, 2019
An illustration with a red background and the words "Ten things that helped me after sexual assault"

My name is James and I’m a rape survivor. I’m also a person with intellectual disability who has been doing advocacy work for many years in the self-advocacy movement. Here’s what helped me after the sexual assault. I hope this can help other survivors too.

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New Texas laws to support survivors and prevent violence

June 13, 2019
A stylized illustration of the Texas Capitol and the Austin skyline.

Our staff and advocacy partners played an important role this legislative session in helping ensure that proposed bills support the people we serve.

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Invisible marriage

May 23, 2019
An illustration of two silhouettes, one female identified and one male identified. Both silhouettes have dotted lines around them and a red haze covering them.

The governmental hurdles people with disabilities face can add serious strain to even the healthiest relationships.

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Upcoming SAFE tours

May 16, 2019
A photo of a tan office building. The words SAFE Children's Shelter are on a sign outside the building.

Join us for a Behind-the-Gates Tour! We’d love to show you around our Children’s Shelter campus and tell you more about the work you make possible at SAFE.

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