Making teen leaders through theater

March 16, 2020
Four teens are together on a stage. Three are standing, one is sitting in a chair.

A group of teen artists and activists is using theater to help students foster healthy relationships. Meet the Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble.

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Everybody needs to know about sex

March 12, 2020
An illustration divided into four squares. The top left one has a red background and an image of a pill. The top right square has a yellow background and an image of a birth control pill next to a condom. The bottom left square has a blue background and an image of a person in a wheelchair. The wheel of the chair has a heart in it. The bottom left square has a green background and an illustration of lips.

For many, the sex education we received growing up was insufficient, misleading or even harmful. Students with disabilities often feel the same way.

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Connecting with children: A Valentine’s Day message from Strong Start

February 13, 2020
A photograph of a wall in Austin, Texas, with the words "i love you so much" written on it.

The hours we have with our kids go fast, so show the ones closest to you that you love them every day. Here are some simple ways to connect with your child.

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Looking to the future: Breaking the cycle

February 12, 2020
A family of three children and one woman sit together holding each other.

Colleen began to understand the deep layers of hurt, violence, and abuse she had experienced – layers that were impacting her ability to be with her kids.

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No such thing as a ‘perfect victim’

January 31, 2020
A single image with photographs of four faces, all side by side looking at the camera

The “perfect victim.” It’s an idea that we have to get past in order to support the people who experience sex trafficking.

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Providing holistic care and HIV prevention at Eloise House

January 16, 2020
A photo of SAFE's Eloise House forensic exam clinic. The building has a painting of a sunflower on it.

After Connell was sexually assaulted, he was in shock. SAFE’s Eloise House forensic clinic was here to support him, including addressing his concerns about HIV.

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Life-saving services for survivors

December 19, 2019
A photograph of a female-identified person holding a young child

When Jane arrived with her child at SAFE, they found housing, counseling, child care, peer support and – most importantly – safety.

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Partnering with People’s Community Clinic

December 19, 2019
A photo of a woman in a lab coat talking to another woman who is sitting down in a doctor's office.

For nearly 12 years, People’s Community Clinic has been an incredible partner, providing youth at the SAFE Children’s Shelter with holistic, trauma-informed medical care.

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How language has changed: ‘People who used violence’

November 21, 2019
An illustration of two people talking. One is a male-identified person of color and the other is a female-identified person. The words "Change the way we speak" are above the two people

Rather than labeling people as batterers or perpetrators, we refer to them as “people who used violence.” Here’s why…

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Working with Best Single Source Plus to support people experiencing homelessness

November 20, 2019
A photo of two young children being held by a female-identified person in a motherly fashion

Fleeing from physical and emotional abuse, Ally knew she and her three kids deserved a better life. Our partners at Best Single Source Plus helped her take steps to make that happen.

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