Dear dads, our Fatherhood program is here to help

Written by Emily Arismendy

As we celebrate fatherhood and the invaluable role you play in your children’s lives, we want to acknowledge something that often goes unspoken: parenting is not an easy journey. It’s filled with unexpected twists, overwhelming responsibilities, and an unending stream of questions and doubts. However, it’s also one of the most rewarding and transformative experiences life has to offer.

Children don’t simply follow the instructions given to them; they mirror the behavior of those around them. They constantly observe and absorb how you communicate, your subconscious biases, your positive and negative habits, and the perspective you hold towards the world. Nurturing a healthy relationship with your kids involves cultivating a healthy relationship with yourself, your partner, your family and friends, and fostering a positive connection with the world around you.

In recognition of the challenges you may face as a father, we wanted to bring your attention to our Fatherhood program, dedicated to promoting healthy family dynamics and providing essential resources for parents like you. SAFE believes in the power of education and support to help parents navigate the complexities of raising children while fostering nurturing, respectful, and loving relationships.

We understand that every parent’s journey is unique, and we want to assure you that seeking guidance and building parenting skills is a sign of strength and commitment. That’s why SAFE offers a range of parenting classes specifically designed to equip fathers with the tools and knowledge to create a positive and nurturing environment for their children. These classes focus on healthy parenting strategies that can enhance your relationship with your child, promote their emotional well-being, and strengthen your bond as a family.

SAFE’s Fatherhood program is designed to empower people who identify as fathers to connect with their children in a healthy and nurturing way. Our goal is to have a greater impact on preventing child abuse by strengthening families through home visitation and parent education. Our mission is to help every father and father figure to realize the key role they play in their family and society.

Whether we are working with fathers in a home visit or a group setting, fathers can expect a supportive and encouraging environment to acknowledge and enhance their skills, and to build strong, healthy bonds with their children.

We encourage you to take that courageous step forward, acknowledging the difficulties of parenting while embracing the immense joys it brings. Your commitment to learning and growing as a father is not only an investment in your child’s future but also an investment in your own personal growth and fulfillment.

In this inspiring video, James shares his incredible journey of personal growth and transformation through Strong Start’s Fatherhood Program. He describes how these parenting classes became a turning point in his life, and provided him with valuable tools and insights to become a better parent to his two sons.

Contact our fatherhood specialists at or 512.267.SAFE (7233).

Our fatherhood specialists work closely with SAFE’s Strong Start program, which empowers families through early childhood services and family support. The Strong Start referral form is available here.