April: Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month

April 12, 2021
Image description: An illustration of two ribbons. One ribbon is blue, the other is teal. The blue ribbon represents child abuse awareness and the teal one represents sexual assault awareness.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month. SAFE is hosting free, online events all month long.

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Stop AAPI hate

March 31, 2021
Image description: Text: "As part of an organization that works to prevent violence and abuse, we reject all forms of violence toward people of Asian American and Pacific Island heritage." Below the text are three hands holding flowers. The hands are of Asian American/Pacific Islanders.

We mourn the killing of Asian Americans in Atlanta and the persistent harassment and attacks against Asian American and Pacific Islanders across the country

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The link between trauma and homelessness

March 17, 2021
Image Description: An image with a pink background and mostly red text. Illustrations of 10 silhouetted people are at the top. Only seven of the 10 are filled in red, the other tree are white. The text says "70% of people experiencing homelessness in Austin/Travis County report that past trauma or abuse attributed their current homelessness."

As Austin works to better address homelessness, SAFE is taking an active role in the solution: providing housing and financial assistance for survivors.

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A year of COVID-19 at SAFE

March 17, 2021
A colorful illustration of a person and their child under a tree. the word "voices" is inder the illustration in white text.

For many survivors of violence, the pandemic has been a crisis within a crisis. Based on the past year of data collected by SAFE and the stories we’ve heard directly from survivors, violence and abuse have increased dramatically during the pandemic.

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Black activists you should know

February 25, 2021
An image of Anita Hill, a Black woman who testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee about sexual harassment she experienced. A the top of the image are the words "Black History and the anti-violence movement." Below that are the words "Seven leaders who started and shaped the work to end violence for everyone." At the bottom, next to an exclamation point meant to catch your attention and caution you, are the words "Content warning: These slides contain mentions of slavery, lynching, sexual harassment, and assault."

Black Americans have a long history of violence prevention and fighting oppression. These are some of the Black activists who made history as part of the anti-violence movement.

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Teen Dating Violence Awareness And Prevention Month

February 5, 2021
An illustration of a computer screen next to the words "Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month." The screen shows four people in a meeting or having a conversation online. A cactus and a yellow coffee cup are on the same surface as the computer monitor. The top right wedge of the background is red and the rest is white. The text is in white over the red background.

All February long, SAFE’s Expect Respect program is embracing technology to spread the word about healthy teen relationships.

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Need a New Year’s resolution? Get involved!

January 15, 2021
Group photo of runners standing together

You can join a group at SAFE to help make a difference in our community. Learn more about the people and groups taking action to prevent violence and abuse.

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Taking COVID precautions with loved ones

January 14, 2021
An image of a phone screen. A play icon is over the phone screen to indicate that the image links to a video.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge, SAFE put together a video series to help start conversations with loved ones about ways to stay safe.

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Lost stars: There’s no room for workplace harassment

January 14, 2021
An illustration of several people at a stylized work place. people wearing bright yellows and blues are sitting and standing while working at computers, climbing a ladder, and talking. A large lightbulb is in the middle of the image.

The harassment Marco experienced turned a job he loved into something intolerable. A bad workplace drives talent away and is terrible for employees who stay.

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Isolation can be hazardous for your health: People with disabilities in closed settings during COVID

January 14, 2021
A photo of a person wearing a mask. The person is touching a window wit hone hand. Pale green trees are visible through the glass window. The person is wearing a blue shirt.

Strict COVID-19 protocols mean people with disabilities face greater risks of neglect, restraint, isolation, and abuse.

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