9 creative ways to meet your giving goals

April 20, 2022

With the annual filing and tax season upon us, charitable contributions are on the mind. Increase your impact without cutting into your cash!

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The perfect blend: Epoch Coffee supporting SAFE’s anti-violence work

March 24, 2022
Image description: A barista standing behind a bar holding two espresso maker portaholders. A trans flag is in the background and a banner that says "you belong here" is in front of the bar.

We’re thrilled to recognize our friends at Epoch Coffee for taking an active role in preventing violence in our community.

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The story of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (and how Austin has been a leader)

February 25, 2022
Image description: A photo of a room full of teens practicing a dance routine.

The movement to prevent teen dating violence has always been led by teens. One of those leaders is an Austinite named RaeAnne Spence.

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New youth theater performances and more during Teen Dating Violence Prevention Month

February 14, 2022
Image description: A poster for a play that includes and illustration of four teens facing away from the viewer. They are lookin up at a UFO. The words "OUR ALIEN NATION" are in big, green text. This is the title of the play.

We’re thrilled to announce our new lineup of youth theater performances and upcoming TikTok workshop! You can book now.

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Project Beloved: A partnership built on caring for survivors of sexual assault

February 11, 2022
Image description: A photo of a soft interview room, including comfortable chairs, a nice carpet, muted lighting, pleasant paintings of flowers on the walls, and an oil diffusor.

Our friends at Project Beloved installed a soft interview room at SAFE to help survivors of sexual violence feel as comfortable as possible.

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Looking back and ahead with SAFE leaders Kelly White and Julia Spann

February 2, 2022
Image description: A photo of SAFE Co-CEOs Kelly White and Julia Spann. Kelly is standing at a podium with a microphone in front of her. Julia is at her side.

Ahead of Kelly White’s retirement as SAFE Co-CEO, the agency’s current Co-CEOs reflect on their history in anti-violence work and the future.

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That’s a wrap! Thanks for another great SAFE Holiday program

January 20, 2022
Image description: A photo of a person in a grey sweater accepting a box of gifts from another person who is wearing a black jacket and cute purse. They are both wearing masks and standing in the SAFE Family Shelter parking log.

Thanks to our wonderful community of donors and volunteers, our annual SAFE Holiday program was a huge success!

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9 things your business can do to prevent trafficking

January 17, 2022
Image description: A stock photo of a cafe with many people sitting at tables and walking around. The image is intentionally blurry.

To help prevent trafficking in the Austin area, SAFE is offering trainings to local organizations on how to spot trafficking and take action.

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SAFE staff named one of BBC’s 100 most inspiring, influential women for 2021

December 17, 2021

Piper Stege Nelson, SAFE’s Chief Public Strategies Officer, has been named one of BBC’s 100 most inspiring, influential women of 2021.

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Creating stability, breaking the cycle

December 16, 2021
Image description: A photo of a woman sitting close to a baby. The woman is wearing a blue top and the baby is wearing pink.

Melissa continues to heal from the abuse she experienced throughout her childhood. At the same time, she is providing stability for her own child.

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