SAFE School graduates record number of students

May 21, 2021
Image description: A photo of the backs of several students dressed in black caps and gowns as during a graduation ceremony. Family and friends are smiling in the background.

This school year, the SAFE School is graduating 11 students—a feat made even more impressive considering disruptions caused by the pandemic.

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Dear foster parents: Thank you for your sacred work

May 20, 2021
Image description: A stock photo depicting foster parenting. A white woman is sitting down with her arms around two children. They are all smiling. One child is to be a young, Black boy and the other child is a young, white girl.

To all foster parents: Thank you for healing children with love and equal parts nurture and structure. It is sacred work.

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Give Kids the Summer They Deserve

May 17, 2021

SAFE is working tirelessly to help those in need of a safe and supportive environment. After the events of the past year, our families and kids deserve a fun and healing summer. Your gift today will give a child the chance to be a kid again. Please show your support and impact the lives of […]

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SAFE statement: Chauvin is guilty

April 21, 2021
Image description: A photo of the SAFE logo on a wall. The word "SAFE" is in black letters next to a red line on the right. The wall is a light blonde wood.

A jury on Tuesday, April 20, found ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin guilty in the murder of George Floyd.

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Healing from trauma is a journey

April 15, 2021
Image description: A photo of a Latinx/Hispanic woman looking at the camera. She has a slight smile on her face.

When Aurora first came to SAFE, she didn’t realize healing was possible. Now she’s encouraging others to learn alongside her.

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Be a safety ninja!

April 15, 2021
Image description: A screenshot from an animated video. A cartoony child dressed in a red ninja costume is hiding behind a red recliner. A small play icon is in the middle of the image.

What do you do when people in your house are acting scary? When that happens you can take care of yourself by becoming a safety ninja.

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SAFE Young Professionals: We all have something to give!

April 13, 2021
Image description: Photographs of 8 people are arranged into one image. All but one of the 8 people present as feminine. They are each holding a sign with one word (and two exclamation points) that, when read together, say: "We all have something to give ! !"

Are you a young professional looking to get involved in your community? Look no further! You can help survivors of abuse today.

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April: Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month

April 12, 2021
Image description: An illustration of two ribbons. One ribbon is blue, the other is teal. The blue ribbon represents child abuse awareness and the teal one represents sexual assault awareness.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month. SAFE is hosting free, online events all month long.

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Stop AAPI hate

March 31, 2021
Image description: Text: "As part of an organization that works to prevent violence and abuse, we reject all forms of violence toward people of Asian American and Pacific Island heritage." Below the text are three hands holding flowers. The hands are of Asian American/Pacific Islanders.

We mourn the killing of Asian Americans in Atlanta and the persistent harassment and attacks against Asian American and Pacific Islanders across the country

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The link between trauma and homelessness

March 17, 2021
Image Description: An image with a pink background and mostly red text. Illustrations of 10 silhouetted people are at the top. Only seven of the 10 are filled in red, the other tree are white. The text says "70% of people experiencing homelessness in Austin/Travis County report that past trauma or abuse attributed their current homelessness."

As Austin works to better address homelessness, SAFE is taking an active role in the solution: providing housing and financial assistance for survivors.

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