Statement: Roe V. Wade being overturned removes agency from survivors

Written by SAFE

Acts of violence and coercive control—like sexual assault, domestic violence, and sex trafficking—steal so much from a person, including any agency they felt over their bodies. The landmark ruling to overturn Roe V. Wade serves as another traumatic attack on survivors.

A survivor of violence and abuse experiences the ultimate violation of their body through no fault or choice of their own. There are already profound inequalities in reproductive autonomy, including race, socioeconomics and more; abortion restrictions serve to deepen and worsen those inequalities. And we know that pregnant people are at greater risk of violence, making reproductive autonomy a key to keeping themselves safe.

After 45 years of listening to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and violence, sex trafficking, and incest, SAFE is clear that the most critical aspect for healing is returning the power and control over their own lives to survivors. For safety and for healing, survivors of violence—and particularly those who are pregnant—must have full control over their bodies.