Planet SAFE provides secure visitation and exchanges for families

Written by SAFE

As we celebrate 10 years of Planet SAFE, we look to clients to see the impact that the work has. One client was kind enough to share her experience with us.

In the last 4 years Planet SAFE has being a breath of fresh air for my two kids and I.
Navigating through the chaotic process of a painful divorce was possible with the support of
Planet SAFE.

Time and time again and in so many ways Planet SAFE and all the wonderful staff has helped
my family. The moment you walk in the staff greets you with a pleasant and welcoming smile
making you feel like you are someone that matters. The staff is never too busy or uninterested to
take a few minutes and ask my kids how everything is going and giving them compliments.

After the divorce, my kids were left with an unconscious feeling of being different or that
something was wrong with them as they compare with their peers around. Planet SAFE does an
amazing job when approaching my kids! They do it in a caring supporting way and with an air of
inclusivity – making them feel “normal”.

Every holiday is special and beautiful at Planet SAFE! The kids receive amazing and much needed Christmas presents! A beautifully decorated festive planet SAFE building, arts and crafts combined with a warm atmosphere gives the kids an awesome holiday season! Let’s not forget Easter baskets, Halloween candy, graduations, birthdays, every holiday is noted and special.

When it comes to resources Planet SAFE goes above and beyond! On one occasion my
son needed counseling. I talked to the staff at Planet SAFE, they forwarded the concerns to the
manager, and she reach back out in no time with a list of community resources. After that they were always following up and always happy to hear that my son is now in counseling and healing more and

Planet SAFE has being truly a blessing for me, it made the visitations and exchanges so much
easier and convenient. Since Planet SAFE is the mediator, I can stay safe not only physically but
most important emotionally. The kids also have a peaceful place where they can go to,
skipping a potential spectacle that we as immature parents can create. Thank you, Planet SAFE!

It’s very comforting having a place that their mission is to alleviate the struggles of
someone involved in domestic violence. They do it just to serve, it’s amazing! Sometimes when
going through something of this nature, you encounter prejudice, distrust, labels, judgment, and
other perspectives from friends and family, but Planet SAFE is only there to help, not to judge nor assess you. They see the necessity of a safe place & they are willing to advocate for that.

Thank you so much.

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