Here is some language that we developed to talk with children about the work of SAFE:

The people at SAFE help kids and adults feel better after someone hurts them. And we teach people how to be respectful to each other so no one ever gets hurt again.

We want every family to be happy, healthy, and full of love, but it’s not always like that. Not everyone knows the best way to be kind to each other and their kids. If someone grows up in a home that wasn’t loving, they might not have learned how to be kind to others. And people who don’t know how to be kind might say mean things to their partner or to their children. They might make you do things that you’re not comfortable with. Or they might hit and yell at the people they’re supposed to love and care for.

When that happens, SAFE can help. We give families a place to stay if they need to get away from someone who is being violent. We have teachers and classrooms to make sure kids don’t fall behind in school while they stay with us. And if you’re feeling bad about something that’s going on at home, we have people who will listen to you and talk about it.

If you or someone you care about needs help, you can call, text, or chat with us online. Our phone number is 512.267.7233, you can text us at 737.888.7233, or chat online at