Senior Director of SAFEline

Erin has been employed at SAFE for more than 27 years.  She helped to integrate sexual violence, child abuse and human trafficking support services into the existing domestic violence hotline and expand hotline services to include chat and text options. In addition to overseeing SAFEline, she contributed to other SAFE services by providing management support to the SAFE Family Shelter and the Bridge To Safety emergency support program.  In her tenure at SAFE she has coordinated  access to health care on site and off site, including physical, psychiatric and reproductive health services to all SAFE clients.  Erin works to expand options to survivors and their pets/service animals and facilitate responses and options for survivors with concerns related to the Prison Rape Elimination Act. She has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

Erin strives to eliminate any barriers that survivors may encounter when attempting to access services from SAFE and she and her staff consistently work to “screen in” anyone that could benefit from SAFE programs. A great day for Erin is when a survivor contacts SAFEline and feels that they have no options; but after working with SAFE staff and exploring how they would like to proceed, the survivor is able to come away from the contact with options that they have uncovered on their own and that they identify will enhance their safety.

Erin recommends reading Why Does He Do That? by Lundy Bancroft and When Violence Begins at Home by K J Wilson, Ed.D.