Acting out for social change

Written by The SAFE Alliance

“Being up here on stage is not just about doing your job. Or getting your lines right. It’s about sharing your story.” –Changing Lives Ensemble Member

The voices of youth can be lost unless we intentionally seek to hear their stories. SAFE uses educational theatre in multiple ways to start a conversation, amplify youth voice, and create safer and more supportive schools.

The Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble, a collaboration with Creative Action, engages diverse and sometimes marginalized youth in creating theatre for social change.

Each year, approximately 30 high-school students devise an original play about relationships and tour it to middle school audiences. For high schools we provide Where’s Your Line?, an interactive performance about boundaries facilitated by college student interns. We also partner with ZACH Theatre on ACTivate, a multi-session program that invites youth to speak their truth by sharing and performing personal stories.

Request a free performance at your school

Changing Lives (for middle schools) is booking performances now for its spring 2018 tour! Submit a performance request form.

Where’s Your Line? (for grades 10-12) includes scenes and monologues as well as facilitated conversation with audience members. Students identify healthy and unhealthy dating behaviors, learn how to create and respect boundaries, and gain tools to navigate problems in their relationships. Submit a performance request form.

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