Announcing new online options for workplace harassment training

Written by SAFE

Two years ago, two words and a hashtag — #metoo — ignited a movement. People from all walks of life stepped up to say that we would no longer tolerate harassment, intimidation, and abuse in the workplace.

Building on 45 years of experience on ending violence through prevention, advocacy, and comprehensive services for those affected by abuse, The SAFE Alliance was perfectly positioned to answer the call. The SAFE Institute was created to help Central Texas employers build safe, respectful, inclusive workplaces that are free of sexual and other kinds of harassment. BASE training was our premier training for businesses.

What’s new

BASE training has evolved to serve companies of any size, workplace configuration, and budget. And to address the onset of COVID-19, we are expanding our customizable training options. SAFE now offers:

  • NEW SELF-PACED online modules — allow staff members to complete the training at their own pace, with facilitated team conversations afterwards.
  • ONLINE team training — using platforms such as Zoom, BASE training is provided by live facilitators in a small team setting to foster conversation and shared understanding by your staff members.
  • IN-PERSON team training — currently on hold, due to local COVID-19 regulations, the team will resume in-person small group trainings as soon as it is safe to do so.

Our SAFE Institute team continues to build out new modules and topics to further customize training options as we move forward together during these unprecedented times.

More about BASE training

Our premier program, BASE, stands for Building A Safe Environment. BASE focuses on recognizing, responding, and preventing harassment in the workplace. The BASE program includes:

  • Providing employees with the training needed to build a respectful workplace. Trainings are customized based on industry, size, location, and management level. 
  • Consultation to help build infrastructure that supports your goals. We’ll review the company’s values, code of conduct, sexual harassment policies, and reporting procedures to make sure they foster a healthy culture.
  • If an issue of harassment arises, give us a call. Our partnership includes assistance for your HR team during an incident, support resources for those involved, and advice for rebuilding a safe environment.

As our work has evolved, we’ve recognized that building a safe environment for everyone means addressing issues beyond sexual harassment. Our team is currently expanding training resources to include topics like unconscious bias, microaggressions, and a focus on harassment related to race, ethnicity, gender presentation, sexual orientation, and disabilities.

Partnering with the SAFE Institute allows your company to have an even bigger impact, as all training fees directly support survivors of sexual assault, child abuse, domestic violence, and human trafficking through SAFE. Working with the SAFE Institute signals to your staff, prospective applicants, and clients that your company is doing their part to create a safe Central Texas community.