Congratulations to the Mason family for a SAFE adoption!

Written by Emma Rogers

Sara and Doug Mason have always been firm believers that DNA does not define a family. Commitment and desire, they say, are what builds and keeps a family together.

The Mason family opened their home to foster children nearly 15 years ago, and have fostered 11 children since then. Their passion for helping children in need of a stable home is fueled by their belief that every child deserves to be loved wholeheartedly.

“We love to come alongside parents and help them get started on a good parenting track, and if they aren’t able or willing to do that, we are willing to hang on to these kiddos and love them forever,” Sara said.

The Mason are now able to do just that. On Feb. 16, they finalized the adoption of their son Joseph.

He came to their home at just 28 days old, and has lived with them ever since. With the support, care, and compassion of their SAFE Foster & Adopt case manager, Joseph is now a permanent part of the Mason family.

“We were in love with him from the get-go, and we are beyond thrilled to be able to walk this road with him and raise him,” Sara said. “We hope he will in turn have a heart for others in the same situation. ”

While she admits being a foster parent can be an emotional roller coaster and at times chaotic, Sara knows that she’s doing exactly what she was meant to do.

“To wake up with that confidence every morning is just very fulfilling and absolutely joy bringing,” Sara said.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting, check out SAFE’s FAQ page or request more information here.