Teen Parent Program provides young parents with a safe space

Escrito por SAFE

Ashley* never wanted her son to experience a childhood like hers – plagued by abuse, absent parents, and drug use. When she got pregnant at a young age, she was enrolled in our Teen Parent Program where she was able to focus on her safety and her baby’s.

After a few months, Ashley decided that she was ready to provide for her son on her own and checked out of the program. She quickly realized that she and her son needed the unconditional support and mentorship that SAFE offered through the Teen Parent program. Because of this support, Ashley felt safe in turning to SAFE again for help.

Through SAFE, she was able to have the stability and routine needed to maintain her day to day life, along with people she can count on to help navigate her through the needs of a parent and child. With SAFE’s help, Ashley was able to meet her medical and therapeutic needs, while searching for a job and getting ready to enroll her son in daycare. Every day, Ashley is able to work toward building a safe and healthy life for her son with every kind of support she needs — because of our supporters.

Our supporters give survivors like Ashley the ability to access extended care so that transitions are made easier and possible. Because of the support from our community, we can help ensure that if survivors find themselves back in an unsafe situation, SAFE continues to be there.

*Se han cambiado los nombres para proteger la identidad.