SAFE provides comfort to kids coming into shelter

Diciembre 13, 2022

Childhood is meant to be a carefree time where the focus is on playing, learning, and growing. But many children who come through SAFE’s doors have had this time stolen from them. When 7-year-old Phil* arrived at The SAFE Children’s shelter, he was exhausted and worried about his two little sisters who were placed in […]

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El Programa de Vida de Transición proporciona estabilidad

Octubre 14, 2016

Thomas found his way to the Austin Children Shelter Transitional Living Program in late Marzo. He’s been with us ever since, and things are going great.

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El equipo FX hace de la Maratón de Austin un evento de donación

26 de agosto de 2016

La gente se apresura a dar a la ACS. La Maratón de Austin y la Media Maratón están a casi seis meses, pero el equipo FX ya se está preparando para la carrera del 19 de febrero.

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