The link between abuse and children’s mental health

Mayo 4, 2023

The first week of Mayo is Children’s Mental Health Acceptance Week and Mayo 6 is Children’s Mental Health Acceptance Day. Mayo is also Mental Health Awareness Month. Although it may not seem directly correlated, mental health goes hand in hand with our work. Abuse affects the brain, there is no doubt about that. After someone […]

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Healthy parenting begins at Strong Start: Avery’s story

Abril 14, 2023

Avery is a new mother at a young age. She was in an abusive relationship that spanned throughout her teenage years with her child’s father. She is a survivor of domestic violence and decided to flee from the abusive relationship once the abuse began to escalate during her pregnancy. Avery suffers from anxiety, depression, PTSD, […]

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Healing as a family

14 de marzo de 2019
An adult female-identified person sits with a young child in her arms.

A child doesn’t just decide that they’re going to be violent. Abusive behavior is learned. Trauma is handed down from generation to generation.

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