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Everyday Heroes are on a mission to stop abuse for everyone. A group of dedicated and compassionate monthly donors, Everyday Heroes provide critical ongoing services to people in need. People just like you who give whatever they can to make an impact in our community.


“Why I give:  Volunteering has allowed me to see, first hand, how great the need is.  So I give.”A photo of Frankie Fowler, a longtime SAFE volunteer. She is looking at the camera. A red flower is in the foreground.


— Frankie Fowler
Everyday Hero since 2009
Volunteer since 1981



A selfie of Jessica Herrera taken in a mirror. Jessica is wearing a light pink cote and a white blouse. The walls behind Jessica are white and the frame of the mirror is a light teal.“I’ve been a volunteer with SAFE since June 2019, and I give to SAFE because I support their mission. My friend Julissa started her personal battle against child abuse and sexual assault after exposing her abuser. We visited SAFE before she moved with her partner Sarah and now advocate for sexual abuse survivors anyway we can. You can read her story here.”

— Jessica Herrera
Everyday Hero since 2018




“We are overjoyed to donate monthly to SAFE! This is a very personal issue for us, and we are so grateful for this beautiful organization and for all the amazing things they are doing.”A photo of Paula and Kent Neiheisel. The couple are walking along a serene beach.


— Paula and Ken Neiheisel
Everyday Heroes since 2015




A selphie of Pranish Kantesaria. A young child is behind Pranish. Pranish is wearing and Austin Pets Alive hat and is smiling at the camera.“I give to SAFE monthly because everyone deserves a place where they feel safe and cared for. I can’t help everyone that needs it myself so I help support a place that can.”

— Pranish Kantesaria
Everyday Hero since 2016






A multi-ethnic group of elementary age children are playing with toy blocks together at a table.

Give $25 monthly and provide 2 hours of after school activities for children every single month.

Two female-identified people sit next to each other talking. They are sitting on leather sofas.

Give $50 a month and provide one hour of counseling for a survivor of violence monthly.

A female-identified person and a young child look at a camera. They are smiling. Trees are in the background.

Give $100 a month and provide one night of Emergency Shelter for a family every month.

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