Women of Hope is a philanthropic group of women who have come together around their common interest in making the world a better place for abused and neglected children and youth served at SAFE’s Children’s Shelter. Established in 2011, Women of Hope has raised more than $600,000 through annual membership dues, third-party fundraisers, and other gifts to SAFE.

Women of Hope fulfill their mission through networking and building friendships, service and issue awareness, and advocacy.

Women of Hope was founded by four friends wanting to make a difference. First and foremost, they wanted Women of Hope to be a fun, no pressure way to give back to their community and to meet other like-minded generous women. Throughout the year, there are several opportunities for social gatherings — like the annual Founder’s Retreat where members can network, build friendships and sometimes raise even more money through third-party fundraisers. Members also stay connected through a periodic Women of Hope newsletter and a Women of Hope Facebook page.

While not required, interested Women of Hope members are also invited to participate in direct service activities at SAFE. Ongoing opportunities include:

  • Cooking classes to help prepare the older youth and young adult residents for independent life by learning how to make simple, healthy meals
  • Deck and un-deck the shelter – holiday decorating in each of the residential cottages and other SAFE buildings

Each Women of Hope member makes a gift of at least $1,000 for their annual membership dues. This collective membership dues fund (generally in excess of $100,000 per year) is then voted on at the annual meeting and directed to one of SAFE’s residential programs. Of course, many Women of Hope participate in other fundraising activities and make other generous donations. While additional gifts in support of special events or other activities are certainly welcome, they are not required for membership in Women of Hope.


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For more information, contact Chief Development Officer Angela Glode at aglode@safeaustin.org.

Lana Macrum-Craig

“I joined Women of Hope because I wanted to find a community of women who were interested in giving back. I never expected I would end up with long-lasting friendships with such special and inspiring women.”

Kathy Terry

I love this group, but just as important for me is the experience of interacting with the families during my weekly visits to the Strong Start classroom. To watch the difference these very special teachers make with these families, firsthand, has made me a better parent.”

Shannon Hutcheson

“For me, I would like to find ways to keep children and youth out of shelter by focusing on preventing child abuse.  As a Women of Hope member, I can help make others aware of what is being done … in the area of prevention and how they can help.”