Life-saving services for survivors

Written by SAFE

“Who do we need to get behind the gates right now?”

This is a question that our SAFEline staff have to ask every single day, carefully triaging every situation. We assess each new SAFEline contact and go through every name on our  waiting list. We review the situation and ask:

Are they in immediate danger? Can he hold out for one or two more nights? Is her partner going to kill her tonight?

A recent SAFEline caller, Jane, was newly pregnant when the abuse began. As her pregnancy progressed, her husband began to withhold her money and hide her car keys; he called her fat and told her she was worthless. She hoped once the baby arrived things would get better. But they didn’t – they got worse.

Jane’s abusive husband installed multiple security cameras at their home to monitor her. He began tracking her location when she left the house. And he began stockpiling weapons.

It took Jane months to plan her escape, which involved leaving her car and cell phone in a supermarket parking lot. The new mom couldn’t pack a bag or even bring diapers for the baby when she left.

Because Jane was such high risk, she was admitted to our Family Shelter. When she arrived, she found housing, counseling, child care, peer support and – most importantly – safety behind our gates. She also received diapers and all she needed for her little one.

We wouldn’t be able to offer the care and immediate safety she needed without the support of our caring community. Thanks to the generosity of people just like you, we were able help Jane escape a crisis scenario that could have ended her life and the life of her child.