Need a stellar employee? Hire a derby girl!

Written by Angela Glode

When I used to think of roller derby, I had images of crazy girls. Wild hooligans ready to fight. Until I learned that five of SAFE’s nearly 400 employees are accomplished roller derby girls.

Like roller derby, SAFE’s work to end child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault and exploitation is not for the faint of heart. Most people who work at SAFE have a certain element of toughness.

The five SAFE employees who are also roller derby girls not only personify that toughness, but their success really stands out even among the incredible SAFE staff.

Think of all the qualities and characteristics you seek in your employees and experience in your top performers: determination, fearlessness, strategic thinking, resiliency, team work, loyalty, and toughness. These roller derby girls have it all.

As SAFE knows well, if you want someone who will get the job done, hire a derby girl.