Expect Respect offers educational theatre programs for middle and high school audiences to spark dialogue about healthy relationships and preventing bullying, sexual harassment, sexting, sexual assault, and dating abuse.

The Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble (in collaboration with Creative Action)

“I liked that the show addressed problems we all face and actual problems teens face every day.”
– Audience member, 8
th grade

“I was so impressed with how masterfully you negotiated complex concepts with middle-school students! It was so inspiring to see how many meaningful and profound ideas you covered in a short time. What a huge impact you have on young people’s lives!”
– Social and emotional learning coach

High-school students audition each summer and rehearse throughout the school year to create original productions for middle-school audiences in the Austin area. Performances are designed for groups of approximately 200 students and encourage teens to be active bystanders and take a stand against discrimination, violence, and abuse in their schools and communities. One-hour run time includes 45-minute performance and 15-minute post-show discussion.

Every year, the ensemble creates an original play centered on pressing issues in the lives of young people. In 2018, the ensemble wrote a play about consent Just Ask, which focuses on Miley and Zach. Miley is just starting high school and everything is new. When she needs extra English tutoring, her teacher introduces her to Zach. Zach is older, a talented poet and — as it turns out — interested in Miley. When the two go on a date, they both have to decide how to act on their feelings. Just Ask explores how to respectfully let someone know you like them, while checking in about safe physical boundaries.

We are still booking performances for our Spring 2021 tour (with additional COVID safety precautions). Please fill out the booking form here or contact Claire K. Redfield at credfield@safeaustin.org if you are interested.

For even more information please visit changinglivesyouth.wordpress.com.

Where’s Your Line?

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“I liked that the performance was a very accepting and comfortable talking environment.”
-12th grade student, Austin High School

This dating abuse prevention program examines the relationship between two seniors, Eli and Maya, who are struggling with the stress of applying for college and changes in their relationship. The format of the program includes both scenes and facilitated conversation with the audience. The facilitators invite the audience to identify healthy and unhealthy dating behaviors, learn how to create boundaries, and gain tools to navigate problems in relationships. This program is ideal for 10-12th grade and can accommodate 25-60 students. We provide this program free of charge.

To book a performance for your school or organization, please click here. 

ACTivate (in collaboration with ZACH Theatre)

This program empowers youth to share their personal stories through a devised, collage theatre performance. Participants explore relevant topics using movement, scenes, monologues, poetry and projections to speak their truth and share their stories. This program has an in-school residency component, as well as a summer production.

Contact Claire Redfield at credfield@safeaustin.org.