Comments from youth leaders
“Even though I’m young, I have the power to make a difference.” “I have learned to speak up and how to be an ally and recognize different signs.” “Being accepting and willing to learn is extremely important; and standing up for those who are unable to stand up for themselves.” “Now I notice signs of abuse more easily and can actually give advice to my friends.” “I now practice assertive communication in all my relationships.”

The Expect Respect youth leadership programs educate and empower youth to become role models, allies, and peer educators. Participants identify the critical needs in their school or community and use creative media to develop projects, events, and campaigns that address bullying, harassment, and dating abuse, and promote respectful and supportive relationships. Programming is provided by request in schools and through the Expect Respect® Summer Youth Leadership Academy, a paid employment opportunity in collaboration with the Austin/Travis County Summer Work-Based Learning Program.

School-based leadership training and youth-led projects

  • Two to eight experiential classroom sessions on current issues including bullying, cyberbullying, sexual harassment, dating abuse, and healthy relationships
  • Provided by request in classrooms, clubs, and other youth settings
  • Youth-led projects, events, and campaigns utilizing art, video, and other media

Summer Youth Leadership Academy

  • Five-week, paid part-time employment at SAFE
  • Job readiness training and work experience for youth ages 14 to 17
  • Advanced registration required here.

Here is a video created by youth in the 2018 Summer Youth Leadership Academy:


Randy Randolph at or 512.356.1633.