Parenting tip: The benefits of family volunteering!

Written by Sally Fussell

When your children participate in community service projects, they develop skills that strengthen themselves and the world around them.

Volunteering as a family can build a lasting sense of pride and fulfillment. It’s more than just a warm and fuzzy feeling! A simple act of community service – which could be anything from picking up trash at a park to wrapping holiday gifts for charity – can start children on a path of giving that they never grow out of.

A few benefits of volunteering with your kiddos

  • Creating a life-long habit of generosity
  • Creating rituals for your family that can bring joy and pleasure during the hectic times
  • Teaching children that there are those in need, living in their communities, and they have the power to provide for that need
  • Creating a sense of community for your family
  • Empowering children to be grateful for what they have
  • Teaching the simple pleasures of sharing your time with another person
  • Distraction from the situations that are stressful in your life or your child’s life
  • Teaching that giving is a luxury and an honor
  • Raising your child’s self-esteem through participation in a group effort to make the world a better place

Volunteer opportunities at SAFE

Volunteers are a vital link between SAFE and the community, providing support in every aspect of our mission. You can find all sorts of opportunities here!