Parenting tip: The need for rituals

Written by Sally Fussell

Societies all around the world create rituals and traditions that are carried from generation to generation. These rituals can form lasting, healthy familial connections.

As parents, it falls on us to create safe and connecting rituals that will give our children a sense of structure and predictability. Those rituals will become lifelong memories that are the fabric of our lives, creating a timeline of love and fun together.

Memories that stay with us

I noticed the importance of these rituals when attending several memorials for people who have passed away recently. People who spoke about their loved ones always mentioned their small and large rituals – chatting on the phone every weekend, meeting for coffee on Wednesday mornings, talking about what book they were reading, and other regular interactions.

During a recent Foster and Adopt workshop on this topic, we asked parents about their family traditions. We listened to loving stories about Easter celebrations, winter holidays, summer vacations, and sick days home from school.

All were examples of events the person could count on and looked forward to. Reliable, expected interactions between loved ones can even turn sick days into positive memories.

So be mindful when creating family rituals and include some one-on-one traditions with your children. You will be blessed with strong connections and really great memories as your family’s life unfolds together.