You have the power to bring hope and healing

Written by The SAFE Alliance

You’ve noticed it, haven’t you?

There’s a new day dawning in the public understanding of sexual abuse, harassment, exploitation, and assault.

Women and men in positions of influence — in sports, media, and entertainment — have started sharing their experiences of sexual abuse. A courtroom full of young gymnasts — some of them still children — faced their abuser and named his crimes.

Survivors’ voices are finally being heard. Predators, at least those in the public eye, are finally being held accountable.

As more and more survivors come forward and speak their truth, we are scrambling to meet the need in our community.

Our supporters understand just how damaging — to a person’s body, mind, and soul — a sexual attack can be.

Will you please consider becoming a monthly donor to SAFE, to make sure that everyone whose life has been affected by violence and abuse in all its forms, can get the help they need?

We rely on your generosity to provide critical services — like legal advocacy, group and individual counseling, a 24-hour SAFEline, emergency shelter, and more. Will you please make a monthly gift of $10, $25 or more to ensure that help is available for every survivor who needs it?

Your monthly gift to SAFE will provide critical services that help survivors heal and hold their attackers accountable. Please give today.