SAFE CARES launches in November

Written by Emma Rogers

With about 79,000 minor and youth victims of sex trafficking in Texas, SAFE is forming a new program to address this overwhelming problem.

The need for SAFE CARES

Survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking experience extreme trauma and control by their traffickers. In many cases, trafficking victims are deprived of basic needs and forced into substance dependence to hold them captive physically and psychologically.

To better help youth survivors heal and learn to thrive, we are gearing up a new program: SAFE CARES.

SAFE has provided services to survivors of exploitation for many years. This new program will provide support specifically to youth over the age of 12 who are survivors of sexual exploitation.

Funded by the Office of the Texas Governor, SAFE CARES will provide services specifically designed for this population.

Allison Davis, Director of SAFE CARES, says: “Extreme trauma from abuse by traffickers can make participation in services difficult for survivors, but building trusting relationships with adults at SAFE CARES is the key to keeping these youth engaged in services that lead to healing and recovery.”


To address the needs of survivors, SAFE CARES will work with LifeWorks to provide an easily accessible drop-in location where trauma-informed and individualized case management and therapeutic services are available.

Our staff will also provide crisis response and support to help survivors in the community feel safe and connected. Services will include safety planning, support group activities, mentorship, and much more.

Additionally, SAFE’s Foster and Adopt in Austin program will provide specialized foster services, including specialized recruitment, training, and additional support for families. We are seeking families who can help provide a loving home to children who have survived exploitation.

If you are interested in becoming a Foster and Adopt parent, you can sign up for an upcoming orientation here.