SAFE makes first adoptive placement

Written by The SAFE Alliance

The SAFE Foster and Adopt Program is excited to report our first adoptive placement! The Canada family was approved for direct adoption in October of 2015 and the placement officially occurred on this year on Jan. 14.

Throughout the lengthy process, the Canada’s remained patient and dedicated to their mission to adopt an older child as we submitted their home study for several different children.

Finally, they were matched with a 10-year-old-girl! After many preplacement visits, the Canadas welcomed their daughter to their family.

When we visited, this sweet and sassy child was eager to show off her new bedroom in her permanent home. Her room was filled with oversized stuffed animals.

She showed pictures of her playing with new cousins, aunts and uncles, and she discussed plans to attend her new school’s daddy-daughter dance with her a adoptive father.

The Canadas acknowledge that bringing a child into their family is a big adjustment for everyone involved, but they are optimistic that they will be able to provide the balance of structure and nurture their daughter needs to feel safe and secure in their home. All are hopeful that we will be able to finalize the adoption in about six months, and we are more than thrilled to support them through this journey!