SAFE statement on police and public safety

Written by SAFE

On July 9, SAFE sent a position paper to the city of Austin on our beliefs and recommendations for reimagining public safety of our community. Co-CEOs Kelly White and Julia Spann sent the paper to City Manager Spencer Cronk, Mayor Steve Adler, and the members of Austin City Council.

An excerpt from the paper:

“SAFE has worked in partnership with APD for many years and has many great relationships with individual officers and leaders. However, too few SAFE clients perceive law enforcement, or the criminal justice system, as allies. All too often, victims/survivors of sex trafficking relate instances of being further victimized by law enforcement, of being criminalized, or of being ignored. Youth at our Children’s Shelter perceive law enforcement as “enforcers” that will further tear apart their homes and communities. And survivors from our Family Shelter say that law enforcement intervention sometimes results in the loss of income, housing and children – resulting in less safety. Some survivors of sexual assault tell us of being revictimized, further traumatized and not believed. SAFE clients are disproportionately People of Color, who are particularly reluctant to involve law enforcement because of the racism they have encountered in the past. Our goal is to work together with the City to create public safety systems that protect and serve while building communities of peace and safety.”

You can read that full paper here.