SAFE Young Professionals: We all have something to give!

Written by SAFE
Image description: Photographs of 8 people are arranged into one image. All but one of the 8 people present as feminine. They are each holding a sign with one word (and two exclamation points) that, when read together, say: "We all have something to give ! !"
Are you a young professional looking to get involved in your community? Look no further! As the pandemic continues, we are receiving more calls for support than ever before. You can help survivors of abuse today.
Join SAFE Young Professionals – a social impact circle of dedicated and compassionate people who support SAFE’s philanthropic efforts.
What does it mean to be a SYP Member?
When you join SAFE Young Professionals, you’re joining a community that’s on a mission to stop abuse for everyone. And we all have something to give—your time, talent, or treasure makes an extraordinary difference for survivors of abuse in our community.
Click here to learn more about SAFE Young Professionals, and how you can become a member.
Not a young professional? You can help spread the word and share this opportunity with a young professional in your life!
Email Heather Henry, with any questions.