Stop AAPI hate

Written by SAFE

We mourn the killing of Asian Americans in Atlanta, and the persistent harassment and attacks against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) in Atlanta, Austin, California, and across the United States.

These attacks follow the wake of increasing racism and racist statements by political leaders following the pandemic. As part of an organization that works to prevent violence and abuse, we reject all forms of violence toward people of Asian American and Pacific Island heritage.

The SAFE Black/African-American Staff Task Force (BAASTF) welcomes and celebrates all people regardless of their race, spoken language, origin, or any other held identity, and we condemn oppression and violence of all people. The BAASTF pledges to work alongside our AAIP colleagues, friends, family, and neighbors to push back against the violence and abuse caused by white supremacy and its deeply-rooted, lasting effects.