How do you get two men to talk about family violence?

June 19, 2014

Ask them to make flowers. Barri Rosenbluth, the director of SafePlace’s Expect Respect program, was a little surprised when the City of Austin approached her about participating in a litter prevention program. But she knew that the themes of respect – for people as well as for the environment – were universal. And so this spring, Expect […]

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Austin Children’s Services: Why We Changed Our Name

June 17, 2014

by Kelly White, CEO, Austin Children’s Services The Austin Children’s Shelter officially changed its name last month, to Austin Children’s Services. Here’s why. In the summer of 2013, ACS launched the first of three new community-based programs intended to reach more kids and families in need by keeping them safe in their own homes. First up […]

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Our Valentine’s Day Abuse Prevention Campaign

February 19, 2013

SafePlace conducted its own homegrown Valentine’s awareness campaign last week. Valentine’s Day is such a good opportunity to talk about healthy relationships — after all, “Be Mine” can be a very sweet thing to say, but it can also signal possessiveness and a very unhealthy way to think about a romantic partner. So we decided […]

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