Volunteers Are the Brightest Stars

May 2, 2016

A sea of gold stars speckled the room, from the ceiling to the walls to the red carpet—but they were no match for the incredible stars we honored for National Volunteer Week. And, oh boy, did we go big, or did we go big? (Hint: we went big.) How could we not? Our volunteers are […]

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Meet James. He’s a SafePlace Volunteer.

December 12, 2014

Male volunteers serve a critical role at SafePlace, and in our community. They lead by the example they set for others. But why take our word for it? Our male volunteers decided to tell you themselves, in a series of “vlogs” that we’ll be sharing with you in the coming weeks. Here’s our first vlog, […]

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Addressing PTSD Through Acupuncture

October 13, 2014

by Rosa Harper, Supportive Housing Advocate It’s 10 AM on a Thursday morning at SafePlace. The Reception area slowly fills with people, mostly women, of various ages, races, and demeanors. Several know each other and chat cheerfully in the waiting area. Several others stand nervously around the reception desk. They come from various backgrounds and […]

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Antoinette Moore –2014 Frankie Fowler Volunteer of the Year

May 12, 2014

By Langa, Volunteer Services Manager Antoinette Moore is a natural leader, creative thinker, and strategic problem solver. She’s highly committed, generous and a persistent optimist. For a volunteer who joined the SafePlace community in June of 2012, you wouldn’t know it by the incredible accomplishments she’s carried out in just two short years. In that […]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Lacey and Donald

April 12, 2014

This past week, April 6-12, was National Volunteer Week! While it is always important to recognize all that volunteers give to our organization, it’s wonderful to have a whole week dedicated to volunteer appreciation! In 2013, 639 SafePlace volunteers gave their time, energy and support to domestic and sexual violence survivors. In honor of National […]

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