That’s a wrap! Thanks for another great SAFE Holiday program

Written by SAFE

Thanks to our wonderful community of donors and volunteers, our annual SAFE Holiday program was a huge success! With 344 total wish lists fulfilled by donors, the kids, families, and adults staying at SAFE had gifts to open during the holidays. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.

As much as we want the holidays to be full of joy and cheer, it’s not like that for everyone. For many people staying at SAFE—people like Jennefer* and her young daughter—being around family during the holidays means being reminded of abuse and neglect.

When Jennefer came to SAFE, she was a teen mom finishing up high school while taking care for her infant. Between school, her baby, counseling sessions with a SAFE therapist, and all the other stresses of life, holiday shopping was the furthest thing from her mind.

Stories like hers are common among clients at SAFE. And so, every year we ask the adults and kids in our care what gifts they’d like for the holidays. Our loving community then comes together to fill every wishlist we have, making sure the families and individuals at SAFE have presents each holiday.

Acts of kindness like this are little reminders that people who have experienced violence and abuse—people Jennefer and her baby—are loved.

Throughout the 2021 SAFE Holiday program, our donors presents for 233 families and 111 individuals. The value of all the gifts together was more than $100,000. We are so thankful for our generous donors and hardworking volunteers for getting together to ensure families have gifts this holiday season.

*To protect her privacy, Jennefer’s real name has not been used