A Day to Shine


A Day to Shine event benefiting Expect Respect, a Program of SAFE

Thank you for making this year’s A Day to Shine event such a success!  Through both the afternoon and evening events, you helped raise more than $260,000 for Expect Respect, a program of SAFE.

Afternoon Dessert Keynote Speaker
To Be Announced

LifeStyle Award Honorees

Sheriff and Mrs. Greg Hamilton

Sheriff & Mrs. Greg Hamilton

The LifeStyle Award exemplifies an individual or couple who demonstrates a commitment to inspiring healthy and positive relationships through strength of character, inspirational leadership, and service to others.

Because one in three adolescents in the U.S. is a victim of physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner, A Day to Shine was developed in 2008 as an event to increase awareness of and raise monies for the prevention of dating abuse. The annual A Day to Shine event is actually two events in one; the first is an afternoon dessert and fashion show targeted at the youth and athletes of middle and high schools of Texas.

Our goal in the afternoon is to increase their awareness of dating abuse and healthy relationships, so they can work to help stop abuse wherever and however they encounter it throughout their lives.

The evening event is a dinner, fashion show and gala to raise monies to continue the programs of Expect Respect, which reaches thousands of young people through counseling, school support groups, community outreach, and education for the significant adults in the lives of our youth.

2016 Steering Committee

Christie Bybee, Co-Chairs • Meredith Landry, Co-Chairs • Julie Stevenson, Co-Chairs • Jill Amerie • Sharon Burks • Kim Gifford • Angela Glode • Kathryn Hillhouse • Carolyn Krawczyk • Ava Late • Shelly Morse • Mary Muller Ball • Cissi Norwood • Jackie O’Farrell • Marianne Olsson • Yolanda Patino • Eileen Portner • Jennie Prideaux • Becky Rockwell • Phaedra Rogers • Barri Rosenbluth • Diana Sanchez-Bushong • Sarah Shaffer • Sabrina Woodard

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