We Serve Everyone.

All of our programs and services are available to everyone. No person will ever be denied the benefits of our programs and services based on race, ethnicity, sex, religion, age, language differences, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic status, marital or familial status or disability.

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 Go #TeamFX! Through Sunday's #austinmarathon, they raised an amazing $39,184 for SAFE's Austin Children Shelter Campus! This brings the team's eleven years of contributions to ACS to over $340,000! Congrats to the runners and thank you!  #running #KeepAustinSAFE #donate #nonprofit #giantcheck  We rallied at the State Capitol for Child Protection Day in Texas! #txlege #ProtectKidsTX #texas #KeepAustinSAFE
 Our wonderful friend @unicue with @elderflowerfarmacy makes candles that do more than burn bright and smell amazing -- they create a better world! Sales of these genuine #Austin candles help #KeepAustinSAFE by supporting The SAFE Alliance. Sales also support DoPeace in their mission to send kids to school in #bangladesh! Thanks for the support and thanks for making the world a more wonderful, better smelling place!  #friday #instagood  Sweet ride  The wonderful folks at the Molly Maid of Greater Austin just donated more than $7,000 to SAFE! #KeepAustinSAFE #stop #domesticviolence
 You can eat #pizza, celebrate #valentinesday and #KeepAustinSAFE all at the same time! @homeslicepizza is opening their doors on Tuesday for the first time in their 11-year #Austin history. Because valentines day is all about healthy, happy relationships -- just like us! -- Home Slice Pizza is taking the opportunity to donate to SAFE! For every dine-in pizza sold Tuesday, they'll donate a pizza to SAFE so we can provide delicious #austineats to those we serve, people who #volunteer with us, and who knows what else. You never know when you'll need a pizza.  Doors open at 5 p.m!  Just received our massive monthly donation from @wholefoods - at least $700 worth of produce, meat & tulips! Thanks to Tom Miller w/ Whole Foods & SAFE Chef Dan! #KeepAustinSAFE
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