Volunteers are essential in every aspect of our mission to eliminate child, sexual, and domestic violence and abuse through the power of our combined voices and actions.

There are several avenues for volunteering with Austin Children’s Shelter and SafePlace:

Volunteer with Austin Children’s Shelter

Our direct service volunteers work with the children and youth in the residential cottages or in Care Academy. Members of the Austin Children’s Shelter Guild work together to support Austin Children’s Shelter’s mission through fundraising, community awareness, activities with the youth and more. Your community group is provided the opportunity to organize an activity for the youth at Austin Children’s Shelter or a facility related project. Event volunteers can choose to help organize one of our events through committee work or volunteer at an event.

Volunteer with SafePlace

For volunteers interested in providing direct support and advocacy to adult survivors and children who have experienced abuse, SafePlace offers many opportunities in our Individual Volunteer program. Volunteers in this program are required to complete our 40-hour Core Advocate Training. Additional opportunities for individuals who are interested in non-direct service positions such as fundraising, special events, pet fostering and clerical and administrative tasks are also available and do not require the Core Advocate Training. SafePlace also offers opportunities for professionals and groups to get involved.

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