Community Advocacy

Community Advocacy is SAFE’s method for improving the systems survivors depend on for justice, protection and support. The Community Advocacy Program fosters community allies for survivors, holds abusers accountable for their crimes and changes policy that harms victims. Our expertise and initiatives help make Travis County remarkably responsive to people surviving abuse.

Fostering Community Allies
Community education and engagement is an integral part of curating allies within our community. Our program offers formal and informal issue education for groups such as:

  • Law enforcement new recruits
  • Civil Judges
  • Grand jury members
  • Online accredited education for nurses
  • Child Protective Services new employees

Engendering Collaboration
Collaboration improves quality and ensures accountability, so we actively engage our fellow community members who respond to survivors by:

  • Leading formal collaboration efforts between professionals and organizations
  • Strengthening relationships with organizations that serve survivors
  • Providing guidance to batterer intervention program watch efforts

Providing Policy Recommendations
We provide guidance around public and private policies affecting survivors by:

  • Proposing procedural changes to practices that either re-victimize survivors or create barriers to their ability to remain safe from their abusers
  • Advancing procedural changes that strengthen legal protection for victims
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