SAFE believes in Building a SAFE Environment for every organization and individual. To improve your company culture, increase retention rates, and help combat potentially damaging HR issues, get BASE™ Trained today.

Overview of Our Training Program

Our experienced consultants work side-by-side with you to identify your most pressing corporate culture needs and develop a custom on-site training for your key employees to address those needs from within. We offer three training programs, each personalized to your organization’s unique needs and challenges

Based on your needs, the trainings will include some of the following topics:

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Domestic Abuse Prevention
  • Building Positive Communities
    – Healthy Relationships in the Workplace
    – Working with those with Disabilities
    – Creating an Inclusive Environment for All

Every BASE Training Package includes:

  • Up to 3 hours of personal consultations and a detailed audit to customize each training and share recommendations 5 hour onsite workshop(s) for up to 30:
    – Led by expert(s) from SAFE
    – Personalized curriculum for your organization
    – Open Q&A
  • Private Q&A Session with SAFE expert if needed

At the end of your training, we will provide you with a BASE Trained window sticker and electronic logo file to share with the community your dedication to having a violence free workplace.

As a national leader in creating healthy and respectful communities, SAFE can empower and instruct your organization on how to promote a healthier, more inclusive environment and become a better advocate for those struggling in the cycle of fear or abuse. Our team of experts understand the unique concerns of each organization and can work alongside your team to help them create better practices and healthier relationships.

Why train with SAFE?
“Online training is fine for new employees orientation and ensuring compliance, but the in-person training that SAFE crafted for us is far more meaningful. They tailored their material specifically for our employees and led a wonderful, thoughtful discussion that delved into
the grey areas of our code of conduct and the subtleties around what truly needs to happen to create a safe work environment for everyone.”
– Tim League, CEO, Alamo Draft House

For more information or to get your organization set up for a BASE Training, please contact Jillian Domingue at