Who we are:

The SAFE Institute is the professional services branch of SAFE, a nationally-recognized, Central Texas nonprofit that has been working to stop abuse and build healthy environments for over 45 years. The SAFE Institute was created to scale our mission and deploy our expertise into workplaces.

Creating respectful organizations builds safe communities.

What we do:

Put simply – we build safe workplaces.

We partner with organizations like yours to transform work environments and create inclusive cultures. Our premier program, BASE, focuses on sexual harassment prevention, intervention, and response. Our customizable BASE packages can include:

  • Interactive trainings
  • Personalized consulting
  • Incident support services

What does BASE cover?

Through our consulting, incident support, and interactive trainings for employees and supervisors, our SAFE coaches dive into:

  • Defining and identifying unlawful sexual harassment
  • Breaking down “gray areas” – including flirting and dating in the workplace
  • Intervening on behalf of others
  • Responding to disclosure conversations and reporting incidents
  • Communicating boundaries and understanding consent
  • Navigating power dynamics
  • Ongoing resources and support for future incidents

The SAFE Institute is the professional services branch

Why work with us?

Today, sexual harassment is one of the most prevalent and disruptive issues seen in workplaces. By partnering with us, you’re committing to create inclusive environments, free of sexual harassment, and to:

  • Retain your talent – Employees want respect in and out of the office, but they’re 26% more likely to quit if they report a low level of respect.
  • Increase employee happiness – 14% of employees said the one change that would most improve their job satisfaction was more training or learning opportunities.
  • Invest in your culture – A healthy, inclusive culture drives engagement. When employees rate culture poorly, they are 24% more likely to leave.
  • Protect your reputation – Sexual harassment incidents can destroy a brand’s reputation and cost them thousands in damages.
  • Inspire productivity – Productive employees drive profit. Companies that invest $1,500 on trainings per employee see an average of 24% more profit per year than those who invest less.
  • Save lives in your community – Your investment in our program directly supports survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, and human trafficking. Last year alone we served over 6,500 survivors in Central Texas.

Why train with SAFE?
“Online training is fine for new employees orientation and ensuring compliance, but the in-person training that SAFE crafted for us is far more meaningful. They tailored their material specifically for our employees and led a wonderful, thoughtful discussion that delved into
the grey areas of our code of conduct and the subtleties around what truly needs to happen to create a safe work environment for everyone.”
– Tim League, CEO, Alamo Draft House

For more information or to get your organization set up for a BASE Training, please the SAFE Institute at safeinstitute@safeaustin.org.