Bridge To Safety

Continues to provide assistance for clients.

Referrals: For questions or to refer a client, email

CARES Advocacy & Case Management & Therapy

We are reducing services to critical needs only. We are still taking referrals and keeping appointments with clients via phone, zoom, FaceTime, etc.

Referrals: Clients and referrals should email

Community Education

Booths at community events are not available during this time. We are offering online trainings and presentations until further notice.

Referrals: For more information or to schedule a presentation or training, please contact or 512.356.154

Community Resource Advocacy

No unscheduled walk-in services will be allowed. Majority of services will be done by phone or video phone, very limited face to face client appointments. Staff will need to come in to the office to provide/leave for client pick-up of bus passes, Goodwill cards, get items from the warehouse for client basic need requests, and emergency food items as needed.

Referrals: Clients can call the Community Resource Advocacy Intake Line at SAFE at (512) 356-1571.

Counseling & Therapeutic Services

Providing individual and brief counseling via phone. NOT currently facilitating groups and walk-in intakes but if clients are interested please contact us to schedule a phone intake or to get more information.


  1. Now that Jabber is working, effective 6/8/2020, the Counseling and Therapeutic Services Team will return to its former intake process.
  2. Subsequently, to request our counseling services, individuals should contact our intake line (512.356.1553) em.
  3. They can also use our email address ( to request an intake.

During the intake, we will determine if we are able to offer services and if so, which service would be the best option for the individual. Due to the on-going community health situation, we will continue to offer intakes only by phone or video until further notice. As a friendly reminder, our intake process is survivor-lead; to ensure an individual’s informed consent and interest in our services, we require she/he/them contact us directly to request a counseling intake.


Deaf SHARE will not schedule trainings in March or possibly April or May. Supervision, staff meetings, etc. will be held using Zoom, jabber or FaceTime with clients.

Referrals: Call 512-356-1553 or email for counseling or contact for advocacy.

Disability Services

Disability Services will not schedule trainings for April or May or until we receive information that group/large meetings are no long banned. We will follow changes in SAFE’s response plan as circumstances change. Working to determine how best to provide professional and community education services.

Referrals: If you need help with professional or community resources, please email or contact Shell Schwartz directly at

Eloise House – Forensic Nursing and Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy

Continues to see survivors of sexual assault, although increased telehealth services available.

Referrals: Survivors should contact the SAFEline to arrange for a forensic exam. For Forensic Nursing, you can also call (512) 356-1584 or email And for Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy, you can call (512) 356-1687 or email

Expect Respect

Continues to work with existing student clients and will be determining how best to provide ongoing support to existing groups and new individual clients.

Referrals: Please email You can also contact Barri Rosenbluth at or Agnes Aoki at

Foster & Adopt in Austin

Home visitations, as of now, are still required by DFPS and Contract.

At this point, we are still placing new children into families as openings allow.

Referrals: Have interested parties fill out this form: or they can call 512.499.0090 or they can email Sally Fussel at

Legal Services

Legal services by attorneys will not be scaled down, in fact there may be an increased need.

Court accompaniment and court hearings will be paused, as directed by the courts.

Protective Orders are still being heard by the Travis County Attorney’s Office and applicants can call 512-854-4163 for assistance. Reyna Wilson is providing onsite support to applicants, however volunteer services are paused.

Referrals: Clients or staff may email or call (512) 356-1682 and leave a voicemail for legal staff. Legal referral updates (for TRLA, TAP, American Gateways, etc) may be found on the server at N:\Agency Wide\COVID-19\Client Resources

Peer Support & Alumni Services

Client services will be delivered through phone/text/video 

We offer emotional support, problem solving exploration, emotional/physical/ safety planning, and community resources 

We are taking referrals for established clients

We are taking referrals through the SAFEline and completing intakes to support people needing support while living in abuse and seeking help.

Referrals: Internal Use ONLY please email referrals to

Planet SAFE

Intakes and Orientations

Pre-intake forms are still being accepted, and these families will be put on a waitlist. Planet SAFE is not scheduling families for onboarding for the month of April, therefore intakes or orientations will not be conducted either in person or telephonically. This will be reassessed at the end of April.

Supervised Exchanges

Supervised exchanges are ongoing. Planet SAFE has altered the exchange times for some families, but not the days. The exchange times were altered to ensure Planet SAFE complies with the 10-person max capacity directive issued by the City of Austin. For same-day exchanges, Planet SAFE has offered families use of an empty visitation room.

Supervised Visitations

Currently only 6-8 families will continue supervised visitations at the same times/dates. All others have been cancelled by a parent or by Planet SAFE due to COVID19 concerns.


Rapid Re-Housing

Shifting to remote-only services.

Continuing new intakes, but completing them over the phone. Housing search and lease signings should be able to be completed remotely. Staff will conduct housing inspections alone. They will be provided with gloves and disinfecting wipes. Household items can be delivered or dropped off without direct contact.

Referrals: All referrals should come through the SAFEline

SAFE Futures

Continuing to work remote or in person (under special circumstances) with existing clients.

Assessing and processing new referrals for Advocacy and Case Management.

Supporting clients in legal proceedings remotely.

Processing DVHRT referrals.

Providing Client Education by video/phone, including 1-1 DV Sessions by phone/video and 1-1 or group Protective Parenting Classes.

Referrals: Send an email to

Strong Start & Fatherhood

Parent Education will be provided by phone, or virtual methods (zoom/google hangout), if client has electronic capability.  We have confirmed with curriculum representatives to confirm program fidelity using remote methods.

Child Support Services will suspend in person family  contact, and will continue to speak to caretakers weekly to ensure implementation of taught skills.

Case Management services will be provided via a variety of methods – staff coordination, Amazon, staff drop offs, and possible client pickups.  If we can coordinate client pick-ups, it would be outside in the circle drive.

Referrals: Have the client complete this form:, or call 512.264.4100, or email Aleece Methvin at

Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing continues to provide services to clients.

Referrals: Referrals should come through the SAFEline.

Volunteer Services

Continues to run virtual information sessions, provide support to volunteers and offer ideas of how volunteers can help SAFE through offsite and remote opportunities, although all onsite and in person group volunteers and program volunteers are suspended.

Referrals: Please email with any questions or requests.

As of April 3, 2020

How Programs Are Currently Operating

Within SAFE, there are a number of programs that will continue to operate essentially the same as before the pandemic. These include the Children’s Shelter (with Health Services), the Family Shelter (including Children’s Services and Health Services), Operations (including Food Services, Facilities, Receptionists, Security and Supply Distribution), Planet SAFE and SAFEline (offsite but 100% operational)

Staff should continue to refer clients to these programs in the same ways they always have. Community members requesting information about these services should continue to contact the SAFEline.

All other SAFE programs are operating in some revised manner, although many are working to determine the best, safest and most creative means by which to serve clients at this time.  Here is a list of how the other support programs are serving clients and how you can contact them.

Programs Temporarily Paused

There are a few programs that have temporarily ceased operations; these include the following:

  • CARES Drop-In
  • Non-residential Children’s Services at Grove Blvd (Resource Center and SHP).
  • Family Tree CDC
  • SAFE School at both campuses
  • Warehouse (supplies will still be disbursed.)

Administrative Services

In addition to these specific program updates, please know that other agency administrative services (Finance, Human Resources, Grants, Development, Communications, Information Services, Information Technology, Quality & Compliance, etc,) will continue to operate with few interruptions in service.